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Indie Jake
14 July 1983
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I like a lot of music. I'm militant about it. I'm an Apple user. I live in Blacksburg. My family is in Fairfax, VA and Albuquerque, NM. I like Shiner Hefeweisen, Yuengling, and Rum & Coke. I graudated and I'm staying in Blacksburg for the time being. I work at Jimmy John's. I like band buttons. I have over eighty on my messenger bag. I have two iPods. I own a record player and several records. Yes, vinyl. I'm sorry if I sound like a dick sometimes. I like wearing orange and brown, I like childrens' books. Lemony Snicket. Eoin Colfer. Cornelia Funke. Of course I read Harry Potter. I also love books by Fred Chappell. I'm concerned with the concept of infinity. I have a lot of sharpies. I heartily enjoy a good caesar salad. West End makes generally makes great pizza. I'm working on starting a new band. I ran out of good facts.
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